WYCO Strength

     WYCO Strength is our newest addition to what we do here at WYCO Academy. Started in August of 2017, WYCO Strength has already proven to be extremely effective in creating bigger, faster and stronger athletes. In the first season of its existence, I have helped add lean muscle mass to numerous athletes, some as much as 23 pounds, while becoming faster and more explosive at the same time! I have combined a career of knowledge from exposure to countless different training styles and nutritional programs from coaches and athletes at the highest level to create what I believe to be the most effective program for a high school athlete. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and now, with WYCO Gym, I have the means to truly impact Cheyenne athletes' careers through education and training in Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition. 


What is WYCO Strength?


      WYCO Strength is the elite option for any Cheyenne athlete to improve his/her stock as a prospect for the next level of his/her respective sport.WYCO Strength will give you a Strength and Conditioning program made specifically for the demands of your sport and what you need to improve to be successful and increase your chances of playing at the next level. Each athlete and each sport presents a completely unique set of skills and in order to become the best possible athlete in your sport, you must develop those specific skills! Over an off-season with WYCO Strength, you will be trained in Absolute Strength, Power Development, Speed Peaking, Anaerobic Conditioning, Aerobic Conditioning, Plyometrics, Joint Integrity Conditioning, and finally, be peaked in the exact Energy System (Sport-Specific Training) in which you need your Central Nervous System to operate as you transfer out of training and back into competition. 


Why WYCO Strength?


      As you contemplate what exactly your dreams

nd aspirations for your sport are, look to the level you desire to play at. What do you see about the athletes at that level who are finding success? As you move up the ranks in any sport, you are going to see that not only are the athletes more genetically gifted and athletic, but they are bigger, stronger and faster than the average player at a lower level. The best athletes rise to the top. Part of being a better athlete is being able to perform in a way that other athletes can not. If you are not a genetically gifted freak who just finds success extremely easy and you feel like your path to the top is paved for you, how are you going to compensate? The idea that I am sick of tired of is that you either have it or you don't. And listen, don't get me wrong. A majority of the athlete's at any As you contemplate what exactly your dreams atop level... Just have it. BUT, there are still those athletes that had to bust their tails to develop the talent and athleticism that the others simply have naturally. YOU CAN DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS: Speed, Strength, Power, Athleticism!! Don't be the person that just settles and decides that it wasn't meant to be. This program is for those athletes that want more for their careers and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it!



How does it work?


     When you first get to WYCO to begin your journey, I want to know who you are RIGHT NOW as an athlete. I will take numerous measurements to get a feel for exactly what you need to improve. What are your deficiencies? What are your strengths? What is your current experience/knowledge in a weight room or training atmosphere? After we record all of these measurements, I provide you with a plan on exactly how we are going to shape your off-season until the date you return to competition. I cannot stress enough that a full off-season is 16-20 weeks of training and nutrition to truly achieve the results you need to return as a bigger and better athlete. Through several pathways in training cycles, blocks and phases, we can develop the strengths most necessary for your success, while also handling your respective deficiencies as an athlete.